Play the classic snake puzzle games

During the 1990’s, the breakthrough of mobile phones has brought about a lot of changes in our lives. It made communication an exciting and wonderful thing once again.

With the introduction of a new gadget, we were able to enjoy text messaging and make phone calls to our family and friends. Furthermore, a specific brand of a mobile phone has also introduced a game that will last for a lifetime. The snake game was one of the stock games of Nokia phones and it quickly captured the attention of the mobile phone user then the game became a phenomenon.

The snake game has the ability to glue us to our phones, making the person a snake addict. This means that the player plaays the game whenever he has time to spare. Because of the popularity of the snake game, the Nokia mobile phone company have increased their sales during that era and catapulted them as one of the giants in the mobile phone industry.

The beginning

Originally, the snake puzzle game was discovered during the seventies using an arcade platform. The inspiration of the game was taken from a snake itself and, although the creature was terrifying, the game was able to deliver a different image or character of the creature through the snake game and because of that, the game has become so popular. Since the development of the snake game, there are a lot of people who have devoted their time in playing the game because they have so much fun playing it.

Furthermore, due to its popularity, the game has been modified and upgraded at the same time. Developers have made it possible for the game to be compatible on different platforms. There are versions that are downloadable on a mobile device and others which you can play online. The mechanics of the game was not changed at all. However, other features of the game was modernized and the graphical presentation is a lot more advance compared to what was back then in the 90s.

How the game is played?

The gameplay of snake puzzle game is very easy. The player only has to move the cursor of the keyboard, if you’re playing the online version or use certain keys if playing from a mobile device. The game randomly generates food on the screen which the snake needs to eat. With the use of the cursor of some specific keys, the player will be able to guide the snake towards the food in order for the snake to eat and grow.

As the snake continues to eat it, it will grow in length. This is one of the challenges that the player will face because he has only limited space to maneuver the snake. So when the snake is already very long, he must be able to make a strategy in order to move the snake around the screen without hitting the corners or his own body. If the snake will hit either of which, then the game snake will be over.

Another aspect of the game that gives difficulty on the player is the speed of the snake game. As the player progresses to a different level of difficulty, the speed of the game quickens and it makes it more difficult for the player to react accurately to where he wants the snake to go.

These are the things that need to be remembered while playing the snake game. But whatever the challenges may be, just go ahead and enjoy it.


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